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Technical Know-How, Same Timezone and Cultural Fit.

Your Dedicated Technology Team,
Based in Latin America

A Nearshore Development Center is a dedicated technology team that shares a similar time zone or region as your company’s headquarters, operating as a subsidiary, and working from dedicated facilities. It differentiates from offshore services that are distant from your company’s location.

Outsourcing nearshore software development is usually a smooth operation when working with partners based in Latin America since they share the same time zones with the US and very similar time zones to major European cities. This is highly convenient to maintain a fluent and effective feedback cycle when managing projects.  Also, the purpose of nearshore development services is to take advantage of the technical know-how, favorable cost, cultural fit and faster team staffing that BairesDev can offer.

We assist our clients in setting up their development center and its operation, providing the resources necessary for successful nearshore software development.

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Nearshore Software Development Benefits

Same Time Zones

Our IT professionals, distributed across the main cities of Latin America, are always available on your Time Zone. This results in higher productivity & more efficient daily interaction.


Frictionless Communication

All of our engineers are fully bilingual and share the same cultural values as the western world. They are able to communicate effortlessly, understand, and add value to your team’s discussions.


Vast Local IT Talent

We receive over 240.000 new applicants per year. After an exhaustive seven-step evaluation, we select only the Top 1% Software Engineers and Developers to work on our projects.


How Nearshore Software Development
Can Help Your Business

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    Transferred Workload
    Outsourced IT teams use agile methodologies to take some weight off the in-house team’s back, allowing them to focus their time on day-to-day issues. This results in increased efficiency and higher overall performance for both.
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    Reduced Labor Costs
    Working with a nearshore software development company bypasses hours of sourcing, interviewing, and training, not to mention added labor costs like insurance, benefits or even office supply maintenance.
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    Fill Temporal and Specialized Positions
    Many projects require expertise in specific areas, but only for particular tasks without a long-term projection. Nearshoring provides on-demand talent based on project and time requirements.
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    Access World-Class Talent
    BairesDev’s employees are located among several countries in Latin America, including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. We select the Top 1% talent fit for your project’s requirements.
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    Minimal Technical Risks
    The technology and industry know-how of nearshoring companies guarantees faster problem-solving and minimal downtime for every project.
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    Reduced Launch Times
    Thanks to their distributed development teams, software outsourcing companies can deliver faster results and overcome workforce fluctuations.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing Services

Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation

BairesDev’s IT Staff Augmentation Services will help your team scale up with top talented software engineers that will integrate seamlessly with your workflow, providing high-quality results.

Nearshore Dedicated Team

BairesDev supports your business needs putting together an expert software engineering team with all the roles needed to complete your project.

Get ready. We are here to drive your digital transformation and take it to the next level.

What is it Like to Work With a Nearshore DevCenter?

Nearshore Outsourcing 101

Nearshoring is one of the preferred methods for outsourcing software development due to the many benefits it conveys. 

For US-based companies, this often means outsourcing to Latin America, which continues to rise up as one of the best regions in the world to outsource development.

Thanks to the geographical proximity of both regions, it is fairly easy to establish a smooth cooperation workflow between both parties. Our Nearshore Developer Centers work with agile methodologies and follow international standards, which allow for flexible schedules and productive meetings, as well as efficient communication feedback cycles.

From Mobile Apps to IT Infrastructure

BairesDev’s Nearshoring end-to-end services are the best choice for businesses looking to embark on their digital transformation. Our 1000+ programmers are highly specialized and are proficient in all industry skills.

Following a Distributed DevOps Approach

Everyone on the BairesDev team has some share of traditional DevOps responsibilities. Our distributed work model allows to embrace and extend DevOps principles and culture throughout almost every country in Latin America. This way, we can offer software consulting solutions to our clients across a global market.

How to Choose a Nearshore Develoment Center

For many businesses, choosing the right Nearshore Sofware Development partner can be a bit challenging. Although there are several aspects to take into consideration, the end goal is to find a company that is able to satisfy all of your software development needs and provide customized solutions for every product and project.

What to look for in a Nearshore DevCenter

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    Fluent Communication and Workflow

  • Nearshore Software Development Services 3

    Standardized Security Process

  • Nearshore Software Development Services 4

    Top Talent Software Engineers

  • Nearshore Software Development Services 5

    Time-Zone Compatibility

  • Nearshore Software Development Services 6

    Quality Industry Experience

  • Nearshore Software Development Services 7

    Full Range of Services

At BairesDev we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you. We offer world-class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.

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